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Raad Hanna, President/ Owner
Zaid Hanna, Vice President

 Paradise Garden Landscaping is a family owned and operated company that provides all the proper and professional landscape construction and grounds maintenance services. We specialize in landscape, snow management and fertilization. The requirements of a project do not falter Paradise Garden Landscaping because our company is capable of handling it, whether it is to maintain the existing scenery or establish an entirely new design.  Our service is extended to residential, office, retail, industrial, and municipal businesses. The main priority of Paradise Garden Landscaping is customer satisfaction.  Our clientele’s opinions, questions, and concerns are taken very seriously and with care.  We are more than willing to have a responsive conversation or meeting with our clients to discuss any matters dealing with our services. An immense amount of focus is placed on managing and controlling our accounts and the services granted to them.  This is to reassure that our customers will be provided with the quality work that has been promised to them.  To make this happen, Paradise Garden Landscaping has organized and assigned specific jobs for each team created.  This way, everything is planned out and the completion of a project is guaranteed in a timely fashion with no confusions.

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